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3 Easy Steps To Calculate Cashflow

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Make Decisions from a Position of Strength, Not Fear – Easy Path to Cash Flow Confidence When 6- and 7-figure entrepreneurs want to get to the next level in their businesses, I’m the CFO they call.  I help them get there by focusing on cash flow.  By that I mean providing [...]

3 EASY Steps Towards Your Businesses Cash Flow

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I’m the CFO that 6- and 7-figure entrepreneurs call when they want to get to the next level in their businesses; and I help them get there by focusing on cash flow.  By that I mean providing clear visibility into the next weeks and months of their bank balances so that business owners can [...]

Should the Founder Run the Grown Up Business?

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A significant portion of a business’ initial success is directly tied to the skill set, relentless drive, and vision of the company’s founder. There is no doubt that it is a small handful of people who have what it takes to create a business from nothing but a dream. So the good news is that [...]

Don’t Put the Bandaid on the Messenger When the Patient Needs the Cast (Or Why Accounting and Change Management Go Hand-in-Hand)

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In 2002, following the whole Enron fiasco, the Sarbanes-Oxley Act was signed into law. This new legislation set new requirements for all US-based public companies, management, and company boards with regards to — you guessed it — controls that lead to accurate financial reporting. It placed a new level of responsibility on CFOs and CEOs [...]

“I Can’t Believe He Stole From Me” – 4 Hacks for Preventing Embezzlement

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As a business owner, you hope that fraud is something you’ll never have to deal with. But the unfortunate truth is that businesses — particularly small businesses that are growing — are ripe with opportunities for fraud. It could be happening in your business without you even knowing it. The biggest risk of fraud in [...]

Is Your Pricing Leaving Cash on the Table?

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Pricing decisions are hard. Period. Obviously, we want our businesses to be as profitable as possible – that sounds easy on paper. But there are so many variables to manage: you need to price your services to stay competitive within your market, to reflect your image, to make sense for your customers; and all the [...]

You Agreed To Buy My Company. Why Is It Taking So Long To Close The Deal?

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Selling your company is a big deal. As a business owner, you’ve put years of your blood, sweat, and tears into building your business. Understandably, you want the sale to go smoothly — and get you the kind of return that justifies the money and years of effort you’ve invested. Unfortunately, the process of selling [...]

Accountant, Bookkeeper, or CFO: Which Do You Need?

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Do I need an Accountant, Bookkeeper, or CFO? This is one of the most common questions we receive. In this post, we’ll define these key roles for you and help you decide which is the right choice for your business. What’s The Difference Between These Roles, And What Should You Expect From Them? 1. Bookkeeper [...]

The Biggest Finance Problem Growing Businesses Face (And How to Solve It)

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If you’re like most business owners, you have a gut feeling for how to grow your business. You can anticipate some of the problems around the risks with the economy, your market, your competition, and internally. But without a good understanding of your numbers, there are some key issues you might overlook. A good example [...]