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They Love Me

Pam nails it - great tips that make a lot of sense!

By Flygirl235

Pam Prior's years of experience in corporate finance, coupled with her passion for bringing new companies into the marketplace are absolutely apparent in her pragmatic and engaging approach to finance for entrepreneurs. Her integrity and witty good humor shine through as she brings her considerable talent and insights to new CEOs and companies looking to reach the next level. Keep these podcasts coming, Pam - I look forward to continuing to learn and watch this much needed specialty build momentum in the new economy!

by thesingingalpaca

I am so delighted to discover Pam Prior's podcast! I will listen to anything that makes finances more fun and this my new favorite. thankyou for creating this!

by Lobsterbird

I own my own business, and listening to this podcast has given me great tips to make better decisions to keep my business growing. Thankyou pam for having such great content for us listeners. Keep up the good work!

by Biaccio

No rambling, no fluff; really useful and practical examples. And she understands all the emotions that go with finance!

by Listener567


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