Truth bomb

Get to know your money, and you can make it grow. Ignore it, and watch it shrivel.

Make your business pay you!

Who is Pam

A brilliant, down to earth, finance wrangler

who guides you on the path to confident control of your money mindset and business cash flow. Pam knows what you need to understand, and she cuts out the rest. You don’t need to BE a bookkeeper (though you might need to hire one! We’ll talk); you need to understand a specific set of numbers and how they shape your business. She meets you where you are and takes you where you want to go with no unnecessary, complicated terminology or lingo.

  • Straightforward talk, and simple tools – that’s what you’ll find here.
  • Want to know how to price your service? We have a tool for that.
  • Want to know how much money you’ll have in two months? We have a tool for that.
  • Want to know how to hire that bookkeeper? We have a tool for that
  • In short: We’ve Got You.

Here’s the secret: Pam thinks finance is fun (“What?!?”)… and she’ll get you there, too! The tools she provides are easy to understand and use. Give them a try!

Who else is Pam

A finance genius with 30+ years of executive experience

working with Fortune 50 companies, private equity start-ups, and today’s influencers. She brings a new appreciation to the value and accessibility of financial reporting to small business owners – one to one, and from stages across America and Canada.

She is not your stereotypical, staid, boring accountant – from driving go-karts in Germany when she was a kid to wheeling a racecar around a racetrack at 140 MPH, to watching planes take off and land from the Admiral’s observation chair on the USS Roosevelt, to flying an F-16 flight simulator at the San Diego Navy Base, Pam knows how to bring sparks of joy to life, and she can do it with a spreadsheet, too! Maybe you can’t picture an accountant, CFO, or financial consultant who will make you laugh as you learn, but you’re about to meet one.

Meet Hallway Pam

“Who is Hallway Pam?” you ask?

She’s a very specific person who comes to every speech Pam gives. Here’s how it works: Pam gives a speech, and everyone comes up to talk with her afterwards. Nothing new there, right? But then, on her way out the door and down the hall, that’s when Hallway Pam shines, because there is ALWAYS someone (usually more than one!) who stops her when she’s not surrounded by people and says, “OK, I was a little to embarrassed to say anything in there but… I need help, and here’s what’s going on.”

And do you know what? The issue is never as insurmountable as they think it is. Because as soon as they start working with Pam, they understand three things:

  • They’re not the first one with that issue,
  • Pam has got their back, and
  • They are 100% capable of conquering the problem and thriving in their business.

Do you want that? You’re in the right place!

You won’t get fluff, lingo, or financespeak, you’ll get actionable, clear, direction and the tools, and support to help to make your business soar. Pam has your back, so come on in.




Connect with PAM

If you have any questions or professional inquiries please shoot her an email through this form. She would like to hear from you, depending on your inquiry of course.

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