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An Experienced Partner for Your Business

Pam Prior is a Best Selling Author, Radio Show Host, Financial Executive, CPA, Speaker, Teacher and “Cash Flow Quarterback.”  An experienced CFO, she assesses businesses quickly and thoroughly – defining a clear-cut roadmap for putting your financials to work for you, fully aligned with your strategies.   Although her methodology is time-tested and replicable, specific solutions are tailored directly to her clients and represent how they think about their businesses.

Pam’s in-depth experience and relationship-focused approach are uniquely suited for quickly understanding what your next steps should be and fitting that solution smoothly into your company culture.  Her career has run from the mail room to the boardroom in small companies and Fortune 500 companies, across a broad array of industries; providing the context to serve you with actionable, measurable steps, helping you guide your business on the path to greater revenue and profitability.

My business is growing exponentially, and I need a CFO to can help set us up for a clear, crisp, flexible, and reliable financial (CASH) forecast, WITHOUT slowing us down.  Pam immediately earned my trust, and just as importantly, the trust of my team.  Her confidence, experience, and caring are evident at the very first meeting.With Pam, we proceeded to go from a monthly financial meeting in which I said “This was the biggest waste of my time; and none of these numbers make sense;” to a financial meeting after which I said,“This was the best use of an hour spent on my business in the last month.Sure – things are changing every day, that’s why this business is growing so successfully; and at the Author Incubator, we can count on Pam to keep up and with the vision and to clear the financial path in front of us before our foot hits the ground.

Dr. Angela Lauria

Shout out to Pam Prior who supported me through a major negotiation process. She was my CFO quarterback who created calculators and ran financial plays with me in real time. She also had a wealth of deal experience she offered key wisdom from. Pam is the ONLY CFO I’ve ever met that doesn’t say NO. She says, let’s figure out HOW. Also the first who understands Startups that create exponential growth.

James Tonn

Ka-Ching! They say the CFO role should pay for itself, and this book will pay for itself many times over. Chapter 4 “signature exercises” alone will save business owners many thousands of dollars. Whether you’re looking to add a bookkeeper, part-time CFO, or full-time CFO, this book is an eye-opening must-read.

Kevin Kruse


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