Today, we’re diving headfirst into the world of money mindset. 

It’s that mystical force that can either supercharge your ability to attract income or hinder it. 

And fear not; this isn’t about snapping your fingers, being in a good mood, and then just waiting for money to appear. 

Instead, I’m going to share a journey that demystifies money attraction and empowers you as a financial champion. 


Are you leaving your 7-year-old self in charge? 

Money mindset is the secret sauce of financial success.  

There’s no way around it.  

The most brilliant businessperson can stay perpetually broke; and the seemingly lazy entrepreneur can build wealth beyond measure.  

It’s not tied to hard work alone. It just isn’t. 

So, at the outset here, let’s accept that there’s more than just hard work to the art and science of building positive cash flow. 

What is it that makes more money come in than goes out?  

What is it that lets some build up a stockpile to share with employees, invest in growth, pay themselves, and seek out new adventures?  

What is it that keeps others perpetually behind the 8-ball, frantically trying to catch up, and getting further and further into debt? 

They both work the same amount. They both have profitable businesses. They both are good stewards of what they receive. 

So it’s not any of that that causes the difference between Comfy Carl and Frantic Frank. 

Instead, it’s that unseen force that shapes your financial reality; it’s what stands between you and abundance or scarcity. 

It is your mindset. Specifically, it’s your money mindset. 

And here’s the thing – for the most part, that mindset was established for you with absolutely no input from you, and it was solidified before your seventh birthday! 

But the good news is that, despite having that money mindset established for you by the ones who kept you … well, you know … alive … you are actually in control of it today! 

I’m about to unveil a powerful tool to harness the power of that 7-year-old that set your rules for you. 

This is something I’ve shared on stages in multiple countries, and with countless clients on Zoom and in person, and it has worked wonders for countless individuals, including yours truly. 

It’s a 31-day challenge that takes just 10 minutes of your day each day.  

It’s so effective that it might sound like hyperbole. But if you’ve read this far, I suggest that you suspend disbelief, and hear me out. 

It revolves around one simple yet potent concept:  


I know! I know! It’s a cliché – but bear with me – this really is different. 

It’s a practical application of gratitude that moves the needle. 

Let’s break it down into three easy steps:


Step 1: Kickstart the Challenge 

  • Grab a piece of paper and jot down the numbers one, two, and three. 
  • Think of three things in your life that fill you with genuine happiness and gratitude. These can be anything under the sun … the smell of fresh flowers … playing in the park with your kids … a loving hug from a parent … anything. 

Step 2: Relive the Magic 

  • Revisit those three things one by one. 
  • Transport yourself back to the moment when you first experienced or received each of these things (close your eyes if you like). 
  • Feel those emotions. Let them wash over you. Relive that moment. Stay with it for at least 8 minutes. 
  • For instance, if one of your three things is your beloved dogs, vividly recall the day a tiny puppy jumped into your arms. Relive that sensation of their warm, furry bodies against your shoulder, their little hearts beating fast, their tongues happily licking your face … and even the stinky, happy puppy breath 

Step 3: Transfer the Power 

  • Keeping the feeling from Step 2 in your heart – think of the very first time you became aware of what money was when you were a child. 
  • Transport this happy you (from Step 2) back to that moment and relive it. Just sit in it with that money and feel this feeling around your very first memory of money. 
  • While you’re doing this – remember to smile.


The Astonishing Transformations 

Now this may feel awkward at first – particularly Step 3. 

In fact, it’s possible you’ll see that awesome feeling from Step 2 disappear as you consider Step 3.

You may not be able to hold the file at first if it’s not a great memory. Your mind may wander thinking this is a ridiculous exercise.  

But stay with it. It will get more and more natural every day. 

As you associate sheer gratitude and joy with your very first money memory, it will begin to transform it. 

And after 31 days (about 1 month), you will have mapped new pathways in your brain associating gratitude and smiles with money. 

You will notice that you are seeing money differently – and you are seeing it in places you have never seen it before.  

Why? Because you’ve opened your senses. 

If the topic of money may have frozen you before, or irritated you, or caused anxiety – it was closing off your senses – your ability to see money.  

But thinking about money after you complete this exercise is different.

Now you have started to build a different framework. A positive framework, that sees possibility instead of history. 

Now your energy has changed, so your ability to sense what’s around you has changed. 

You will pick up more signals, you will make more connections, you will see opportunities where your senses missed them before.


Bonus Tip: The Money Connection 

  • As you embark on this challenge, notice the little money-related things happening around you. 
  • Did you find a quarter on the street? Celebrate it. 
  • When a bill arrives in your mailbox, hold it and think about this gratitude exercise. 
  • Did you unexpectedly receive a check? Link it to the positivity you’re cultivating through this challenge. 

After 31 days, I PROMISE YOU that you’ll be astounded by the shift in your relationship with money. 

It’s the power of your mind at work. 

I’ve personally taken this challenge multiple times, because its impact is cumulative, and every time I’ve fully committed to it, my world has absolutely transformed. 

You’ll be amazed at the patterns and synchronicities that emerge. 


So, there you have it: the 31-Day Money Mindset Challenge.  

It’s an opportunity to unlock your financial potential and embark on a transformative journey with money. 

When you take on this challenge, please share your experiences and insights in the comments below. 

Let’s embark on this journey together and watch the magic unfold!