Do you remember playing chutes and ladders? 

I remember the board game vividly. And as an entrepreneur, I think back on my experience playing it and have an “aha” moment as I consider what the game was preparing me for in the future. 

Call it the classic case of the entrepreneur, but I like to dream big.

We as entrepreneurs may envision our business goals as grand peaks to conquer, or that exhilarating finish line at the end of a 5k race. And just like you, I’ve charted a path from where I am now to those ambitious dreams, with each milestone vividly etched in my mind. 

But what’s the reality along the way? Landmine, landmine, another landmine. But what’s also along the way is opportunity, opportunity, opportunity.  

Think of these landmines as the chutes. Every single one of these going to shoot you back a little back, maybe even back to the beginning. It may feel like with one wrong step, suddenly you’re sliding backward, leaving you questioning your progress.  

On the flip side, the opportunities act like the game’s ladders, propelling you forward and making you feel like you’re on top of the world. And every now and then one will boost you WAY up, so close to the end of the game that you think, “I can’t possibly lose now!” 

Our goal is crystal clear: steer clear of those chutes and ride those ladders to success.

But here’s the catch—how can we navigate this treacherous terrain if we can’t predict the twists and turns?  

This is where the hero of our story makes an entrance: the cash forecast. 

Think of the cash forecast as your map, outlining the path ahead and highlighting the potential chutes and ladders. It sets your boundaries and helps you anticipate the hurdles while guiding you towards your ultimate goal.

Sure, you may not be moving in a straight line; life will throw curveballs and detours your way, but armed with your cash forecast, you’ll dodge those obstacles and stay on track. 

The only way you can get there is if you can see these things coming at you. And the only way to be able to see those things coming at you and be able to react to them is…say it with me… the cash forecast!