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Profit Concierge® Finance Professionals

What are Profit Concierge® Finance Professionals?

And why do you deserve them?

Read on if any of these resonate with you:

  • You’re an entrepreneur/small business owner ready to scale your business
  • You think you might need a CFO…? A Controller…? An Accounting Manager…?
  • You have decisions to make that require solid financial analysis and projections
  • You wonder if you know the right financial questions to be asking about your business
  • You have cash flow challenges while you grow your business
  • You know it’s time for a real forecast, or budget, to shed some light on current challenges and on the path ahead
  • You know there are risks you don’t see and opportunities you aren’t leveraging
  • You’ve concluded that your money mindset might just be constraining your business growth
  • You need the hand of a trusted friend and advisor with financial experience

Profit Concierge® Finance Professionals are that calm, experienced, skilled hand.

Your business is growing and you have huge plans, but you don’t have any internal finance or accounting professionals who’ve been around the business block, understand how lonely it is at the top for you, and are ready to give you the sound advice and support you need to make critical business decisions.

  • You’re on that precipice of growth, fear, excitement, and… well, the future…
  • But you’re there alone.
  • Your team doesn’t get it.
  • Your bookkeeper doesn’t get it.
  • Your tax accountant doesn’t get it.
  • Your family may not even get it.

Here’s what’s up with that: You need a finance professional who knows how to sense your momentum, align with it, get alongside you, and provide the container, shoulder, and expertise to strategize with financial confidence.

But you can’t afford (and probably don’t need) a full time finance professional in the house.

So you’re stuck struggling with:

  • Bookkeeper’s reports that don’t provide any decision making support
  • Volatile and unpredictable cash flow
  • Wondering if you’ve grown enough that you’re missing things you should be catching
  • Preparing your own reports and dashboards from clunky unreliable (manual?) processes to see things in a way that makes sense to you
  • Costs that are too high … or are they too low? … or are they just right, Goldilocks?
  • Preparing the reports and analysis you’ll need for the bankers or investors when it’s time to raise more funds to scale

You know you’re just not tapping into the full potential of your business.

So take a deep breath – there’s an answer. Profit Concierge® Finance Professionals are a group led and trained by Pam Prior, a finance strategist with 30+ years of executive experience working with Fortune 50 companies, scrappy start-ups, modern-day influencers, and .

Pam’s unique journey across 3 continents,
…through the mailroom,
… to the boardroom,
…to founding and running her own successful business
…to creating the Profit Concierge® model that is ready to support you

Pam has uniquely positioned herself to be sure that you are seen, heard, and valued as the entrepreneur, risk-taker, visionary, and most importantly, human that you are.

And here’s the key – Profit Concierge® Finance Professionals bring this all to you at a level that’s tailored specifically to your business.

  • If you need a CFO, you get a Profit Concierge® CFO
  • If you need a Controller, you get a Profit Concierge® Controller
  • If you need a Financial Analyst, you get a Profit Concierge® Financial Analyst

And here’s the thing – you don’t need to know which one of those you need. You tell us your story; and, together, we design and provide the custom amount and level of Profit Concierge® that you need. Not too much, not too little.

Varying based on your custom-designed service level, here is what is included:

  • Regularly scheduled strategy/forecasting/process improvement meetings
  • Development and maintenance of your budgets and forecasting
  • Absolute certainty about your cash flow behavior
  • Clear financial reporting that leads to your confident decision making
  • Advice, tools, and/or leadership in special projects, from M&A, to scaling your business, exit planning and beyond
  • Attention to your personal financial goals to advise on ensuring that your business is aligned with achieving them

Imagine for a minute, a Monday morning when you start the week with complete confidence in your numbers. You know your bank balance, it makes sense, you know about what that balance will be next week, and it makes sense, you can check a dashboard to see how things are going, you know the value of your business and how you plan to scale and you know what cash you’ll need to scale it.

You get to manage by exception! You get to delegate. You get to live into your strengths with the knowledge that your financial back is 100% covered.

Don’t put it off – you’ve built something amazing – don’t let your finances be the kryptonite to your successful growth and wealth. Let’s get this financial wire connected and serving up all the confidence, clarity, and support you need to shine.


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