CEO Coaching

CEO Coaching

Why do you deserve CEO Coaching with Pam Prior?

It’s taking all the annoying things about bookkeeping and turning them into information that rides the momentum of your business.

You’re a successful entrepreneur, but you often feel like there’s still a lot you just don’t have figured out about the finance, leadership, or ultimate end game for your business… and you know you could make better plans and decisions if you did.

Sometimes you find yourself:

  • Wondering if you have the right systems or people in place to scale the way you want to in the time you want it to take
  • Struggling to understand or verify what your bookkeeper or accountant are telling you
  • Unsure whether you’re asking the right people the right questions

You’re there to guide your team and help them drive your business, but who is the trusted advisor you rely on when you have high-level questions and concerns?

Meet Pam Prior, the finance coach for entrepreneurs who are ready to become financially savvy business owners.

Pam is a finance strategist with 30+ years of executive experience working with Fortune 50 companies, scrappy start-ups, and modern-day influencers. Today, she runs her own successful company and helps entrepreneurs like you run theirs.

When you engage Pam to help you, you’ll get the full support you need to take your business to the next level, including:

  • A live, virtual coaching session with Pam every month, and
  • Direct email and Voxer access for communicating between sessions

Where Pam will:

  • Help you figure out the right questions to ask about your business and where to get the answers
  • Support you getting the best systems in place, and help you work with your team to tweak them until they’re working perfectly
  • Ensure that you are consistently getting accurate and understandable information so that you can make financially well-supported decisions

Together, you’ll cover exactly what you need for your business, from forecasting, finance, and cash flow to wealth-building, scaling and creating a valuable business that’s sellable… and everything in between like hiring, pricing, systems, and strategy.

It all starts with a conversation, where Pam will find out what you believe your biggest roadblocks are and makes a plan with you to conquer them.

Imagine how unstoppable you’ll be when you move from the inertia and uncertainty of wondering what’s next to the clarity and power of strategic planning with Pam.

The exact right time to get started is NOW, there’s just no question about it. Schedule your call with Pam today – for you, for your business, and for your future.


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