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Profit Concierge® Bookkeeping Services

What is Profit Concierge® Bookkeeping?

And why do you deserve it?

Read on if any of these resonate with you:

  • You’re an entrepreneur/small business owner
  • You’ve not yet found the right fit with any bookkeeper or accountant you’ve hired
  • You’ve realized that bookkeeping is not a commodity
  • You’ve concluded that you deserve white-glove service from a bookkeeping team that PRIORITIZES YOU, reduces the noise and confusion, and replaces it with calm, reliable, responsive clarity

Profit Concierge® Bookkeeping is that white glove service

You are a genius at what you do. Your time is best spent creating results for your clients and growing your business. But that’s hard to do when you’re worried about finances, unable to clearly see or understand your cash flow, and getting reports that make no sense.

A clear handle on your finances would be the bomb; but no one has delivered that unicorn for you yet.

You end up feeling:

  • In the dark about your profitability and cash flow
  • Nervous to make business investments
  • Uncertain about your pricing, your costs, your future
  • Disconnected from your personal financial goals

It can be tiring, overwhelming, confusing, and frustrating all at once if you’ve ignored things, or dealt with sub-par service providers.

And you may not even be sure that what you really want – a clear, easy relationship with your finances – is even possible.

So you may have done any one of (1) given up altogether on getting clarity about your business performance; (2) moving from bookkeeper to bookkeeper hoping someone will get it right for you; (3) hoping your tax accountant will just “handle it” for you.

Profit Concierge® Bookkeeping is dedicated to turning all that around. Our top priority is reducing your noise and confusion; and we do it with the pre-qualification of elite team members who understand that our job is to “Lead with YES”, flow with your momentum, and make these numbers work for you.
In our care, you regain (or gain for the first time) the space, knowledge, silence, and confidence to focus your energy on business growth instead of finance-frustration.

When we get our hands on your books, you are our top priority. Not our systems, not our requirements, not our procedures. We protect you like you are our own, yes; and we don’t let you walk blindly into landmines. But we do it by matching your energy and momentum and supporting you from where you play at your best.

Here’s what you can expect:

  • A welcome/onboarding experience like no other – focused on your energy, your mindset, your goals, and eliminating your pain points
  • A customized plan evolved from your onboarding experience that puts the best of the best Profit Concierge® bookkeeping journey to work for you
  • A dedicated bookkeeper to keep your books up to date and in tip-top shape and provide reporting that is catered to your vision and understanding of your business
  • Tax-ready books
  • Timely month-end reporting
  • Open and responsive communication channels with your bookkeeper

Your numbers tell your business story. And at Profit Concierge® our job is to make that story resonate with how you think about your business, along with making sure it’s up- to-date, clear, concise, reliable, and valuable to you.

From applying for loans, to making hiring decisions, to paying yourself, to pricing, to strategizing with your tax accountant, you will be able to rely on your Profit Concierge® books with confidence.

The sooner we get started, the sooner YOU can leave that finance “gray cloud” behind you and direct your energy where it belongs – your customers, your clients, and your vision.



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