Fellow entrepreneurs, gather ‘round!  

Today, we’re whipping up something special—finance wisdom served on a plate, Sun Basket style.  

Yep, you heard that right. 

We’re diving into the world of business finances through the lens of a favorite meal kit delivery service.


Sun Basket: More Than Just Dinner 

Ever tried Sun Basket?  

It’s like having a personal sous chef in your kitchen, guiding you step by step to create a mouthwatering meal. They make sure even a kitchen novice like me doesn’t accidentally turn garlic into ashes. Every instruction is crystal clear, every ingredient portioned perfectly.  

Now, what if I told you there’s a finance version of Sun Basket? A way to simplify your financial game plan without losing sleep over bookkeeping gibberish? 

Picture this: just like Sun Basket, your finances can be pre-packaged, simple, and delightful. Maybe like you had a … Profit Concierge®… (read until the end for more on this!)

As an entrepreneur, your focus should be on innovation, strategy, and growth, not drowning in accounting mumbo-jumbo. And trust me, you can have valuable financial information at your fingertips without sweating over complex spreadsheets and bookkeeping systems. 


Ingredients for Financial Success 

So, how do you transform your financial life into this Sun Basket approach? Easy, just three steps: 


  1. Cash Flow Report: Your Financial Base

First things first, ask your bookkeeper for a cash flow report every month.  

Think of this report as the ultimate meal delivery. It tells you exactly how much cash is swirling around in your business and what’s influencing that flow. Your bookkeeper can decode each line for you, revealing where every dollar came from and where it went. So – you can know how much cash is in your bank today – and why. 

Most importantly, make sure they deliver this information to you in a language that YOU understand, and that aligns with your business goals. This sets the stage for the next delicious step. 


  1. The Forecast: Cooking Up Your Financial Future

Once you’ve got your cash flow down, it’s time for forecasting.  

Ask your bookkeeper to whip up a forecast based on your recent history. If your current bookkeeping service doesn’t include this, you might need to invest a bit more, but trust me, it’s worth it. So – you can know how much cash will be in your bank tomorrow – and why. 

Think of your bookkeeper as the sous chef, creating a recipe that lets you pick your preferred meals for next week, next month, and beyond. This insight guides you through the periods of highs and lows in your cash flow, helping you prepare and make the right moves. 


  1. Tax Accountant Magic: Serving Your Profits Wisely

Lastly, it’s time to talk to your tax accountant—who’s more than just an end-of-year wizard. 

If they’re only filing your tax returns, then it’s time to ask for more from them.  

Think about it – in a profitable business – without proper planning, your tax bill alone will quite possibly be your VERY LARGEST EXPENSE that you never manage!  

That’s why you need a conversation with your tax accountant early in the year, discussing ways to trim your tax bill legally and ethically by utilizing the entire tax law to your advantage. Keep those funds and distribute them the way YOU want to instead of letting the government decide what to do with them. 

Minimizing taxes isn’t just for the big dogs; it’s for entrepreneurs who want to keep more of their hard-earned cash. 


Serving Up Financial Freedom 

And there you have it, your financial Sun Basket, served HOT 🔥. 

Just like a dinner prepared with precision, your finances can be transformed into an enjoyable and simplified journey.  

Let someone else handle making the sausage. 

You focus on what you do best—running and growing your business, with a side of dreams and goals. 

So, dig in, savor the simplicity, and bask in the brilliance of financial success made easy …. and try it with Profit Concierge®.

Want to know more? Reach out to me HERE and let’s solve your biggest financial headache. 

And hey, after all this financial wisdom, you deserve a meal that someone else made. 

Bon appétit! 🍽️