S1:EP03: What does it mean to "Live in the stretch" in your business‪?‬

Cash Flow with Pam Prior - September 12, 2017


You’ve Built a REAL Business Now What?

How to start running a REAL “grown up” business:

Pam unleashes some powerful terms you may not have heard before.

What is the “challenge zone” How can the “challenge zone” help your business GROW What does it mean to “live in the stretch”? Why your TEAM must start living in the stretch to support your business growth Segment 1:

You need to dive into the challenge zone, to help your organization grow?

Segment 2:

To support a growing business you need to help your team start living in the stretch.

Segment 3:

How do you get your team members to live in the stretch with you and unleash the incredible talent pool to help your business!

Segment 4:

How you can help your team members to help release their full potential, which will make YOU more money and deliver greater success!

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